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Longest Night

'We Are Not Alone'

December 20th and 21st
Yukon Arts Centre 8pm
$25 Adults $20 Child/Youth/Seniors
Tickets at Arts Underground and Yukon Arts Centre

This December 2010, Longest Night takes a playful and inquisitive look at the phenomenon of extraterrestrial visitors. Using our own highly unscientific methods we investigate fact, fiction and meaning behind the possible existence of other intelligent life in the universe.

Guests this year include singer Mary Margaret O'Hara. Her CD 'Miss America' still stands as one of the most innovative and best-loved recordings from the Canadian alternative rock/pop world. We are very proud to have Mary Margaret O'Hara grace the Longest Night stage this year.

Mary Margaret O'Hara

Also featured is Vancouver cellist Peggy Lee, a rising star in the Canadian contemporary music world. Ms Lee joins the Longest Night Ensemble in a performance not to be missed.

Peggy Lee

Longest Night Society has commissioned three puppet teams as part of the Youth Mentorship Project. The teams are lead by Brian Fidler, Celia McBride, and Moira Sauer. They'll give us their rendition of what might take place during an encounter with the great beyond, the final frontier.

Self-styled UFOlogist and science fiction writer Jerome Stueart introduces us to some of the most significant UFO sightings that have ever taken place, on or off of the planet. Have you been visited?

In cooperation with Yukon Film Society we are presenting a pre and post-show lobby screening of the new film 'Christmas On Mars' featuring The Flaming Lips. "It's basically as weird as you'd hoped." - Isaac Butler, New York Magazine

Ever wondered what's out there? Join us as part of your winter solstice celebrations, and find out.

Daniel Janke is back this year as Artistic Director for the Longest Night Society.

Brian Fidler appears with the permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association